Your media production company needs assurance that the historical background to support your project is accurate, based on thorough research. The publishing company you represent needs assurance that the historical data in the manuscript that you are editing is accurate. Budget conscious, you don't want someone on your staff full time, rather you want a professional working as a partner in your endeavor for excellence with your company and your product.

As a small school district you are struggling for support in the writing of all or any of your curriculums in the area of history, geography, economics and all other aspects of social studies. Curriculums that incorporate state and national social studies standards using research based teaching strategies. Strategies used over a long period of time by professional educators that write the curriculums and have been shown to be successful in improving student achievement.

As a corporation you want a team that can make your training manual come alive with effective and engaging professional development strategies and enhancements. You want a product that will reach your audience and raise the consciousness of your employees of the vastly diverse global clientele and customer base. If this is true we can help you when you use our professional and experienced historical research specialists and educational leaders.



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